About Us

A cultural Sanctum wherein creativity and finer expressions thrive.


Shankaraa, a greenscape, dotted with contemporary and timeless sculptures, is an open- hearted space that preserves, promotes and propagates art and craft in all its forms and facilitates cross cultural interaction, breathing life into the art forms of our rich heritage.

At Shankaraa, we believe that our rich and traditional art forms, be it classical or folk, music or drama, visual art or utilitarian craft exist not as isolated individual traditions, but are intrinsically inter-woven into the weft and the weave of our spiritual tapestry.

It is our mission to nurture an environment wherein creativity and finer sensibilities thrive and to create a bridge between artists and art lovers.

The creative energy and primary initiative to create all this came from classical dancer RashmeHegde Gopi who envisioned Shankaraa as a perfect confluence of art and life.

Shankaraa houses

   1. Shankaraa Foundation, A charitable trust to preserve traditional Indian art and forms.

   2. Hastaanjalii, A Unit of Hegde and Golay, a cottage industry that produces and markets                            ¬† ¬†hand crafted utilitarian products.

   3. Artitude, An art enterprise to promote and showcase India’s cultural heritage.