The Art Enterprise

As an Event Management unit Artitude is created to promote all dimensions of Indian art with a multi-pronged approach. It liaises with the performing artistes and corporate sponsors to organize music, theatre, dance, craft festivals. Artistes and artisans drawn from all over the country are showcased by Artitude so as to enable them to interact with designers and art lovers

The symbiotic relationship between Shankaraa Foundation and Artitude has the potential to extend even further, to offer beautiful spaces for conducting exhibitions, performances, seminars, corporate events, cultural programmes and tourism showcasing India.

The proceeds from Artitude are primarily used to fund various projects of Shankaraa Foundation.

Artitude hosts its events in three exquisite location.

Boomandalaa, an open air amphitheatre

Artitude hosts dance, theatre and musical performances at Boomandalaa. Be it classical forms or new age choreography, traditional vocal recitals or fusion ensembles, Boomandalaa's natural acoustics and expansive space is ideal for any kind of performances.



Nakshatra – Culture Café

Nakshatra facilitates interaction between people with different needs, purposes and receptivity. Lending itself well to different occasions corporate and social functions


Rudraksha - Heritage India

Rudraksha situated a kilometer away from Shankaraa, is a farm which has been imaginatively transformes to showcase India’s mystique charm and ambience and yet preserve its ecological and ethnic balance. Rudraksha upholds the spirit of tradition and culture of rustic India. Nestling in the middle of lush environs is a rustic stage where traditional Indian art forms and folk forms are performed. It lends itself to corporate guests, delegations and to those who want to experience the traditional art forms of India upclose and personal.