Shankaraa Foundation
A Tribute to creative expression

Taking inspiration from the patronage extended to arts by the visionary industrialist Shri Shanker Hegde, Rashme helmed the formation of a Registered Charitable Trust with the support and encouragement of select artists, academicians, social workers and Industrialists from across the country.

Today Shankaraa Foundation is an attempt to pass on the priceless repository of cultural pride to our youth

To structure this concept Shankaraa Foundation has divided its activities into

Poorvaranga –  An academy for varied and related art traditions, it exists as a Programme Study Centre affiliated to
                       Indira Gandhi National Open University

Rangaguccha – The creative arena for the young reaches out to children via the medium of art, while sensitizing them to their own roots.

SIDC-               State Initiated Design Centre.  A Council for Crafts which nurtures Indian craft traditions and imparts self sustaining skills to                     the talented but lesser privileged. State Initiated Design Centre at shankaraa supported by the Ministry of Textiles and                         Handicrafts, Governemnt of India





Its objective is to promote, preserve and perpetuate varied and related art traditions and exist as a Programme Study Centre affiliated to the Indira Gandhi Open University (IGNOU).

Poorvaranga offers certificate courses in classical music, dance, traditional sculpture and traditional painting. It also conducts orientation programmes to enrich and enhance cultural experiences of individuals. Residential programmes, seminars and workshops.


Poorvaranga also houses Kalakosha  a digital archive geared towards strengthening all art related research undertakings. Objets d’art in the form of costumes, jewellery, accessories, props, puppets, masks, photographs and bio-profiles are part of the collection.


Under the guidance of RashmeHegde Gopi, Poorvaranga’s well acclaimed Performing Arts Unit and Centre for Excellence serve to propagate related art traditions showcasing, traditional dance forms to audiences across the world.


Shankarafoundation's earnestness to reach out to children via the medium of arts inspires and awakens the desire in children to soar ahead.

Ranga Guccha is a space for both rural and urban children with an aim to sensitize them to their own cultural roots. While they are initiated into a world of multifaceted craft and art traditions and given the opportunity to interact with eminent artists and artisans. They are also taught to respect the fragility of our environment and nature.

Residential Workshops for Economically Disadvantaged Children


Selected students are provided intensive professional training in Indian folk forms and given opportunities to perform under the earn and learn scheme enabling them to support their further education

Scholarships are provided to the deserving there by encouraging them further to use their talent to excel.

In the last three years shankaraa has been training the jeevanotsava group who are talented but economically disadvantaged youth nurtured by DRIK Foundation. They are exposed to various forms of art, music, dance, theatre and yoga. This initiation helps discover hidden talent, encouraging them to explore various constructive livelihood opportunities in art and craft. 



A State Initiated Design Centre supported by the Development Commissioner - Ministry of Handicrafts and Textiles, Government of India is one of the wings of Shankaraa Foundation.

Here, the artisans are able to design, create and deliver their crafts in the best possible manner. The requisite support enables them to realize their potential in working with wood, stone, sheet metal and ceramic media. In an attempt to keep alive our heritage of traditional sculpture, students are drawn from selected artisan families and encouraged to develop their intrinsic skills.

Here the master craftsmen work within their own comfort zones, pass on their ancient skills through the 'guru-shishya parampara’ and thus propagate their traditional lineage.  

SIDC  supported by the Ministry of Textiles and Handicrafts and by the Ministry of Labour and Employment has also been created to impart self- sustaining skills in crafts to the talented but lesser privileged.

Lesser privileged women are trained by master craftsmen in hand embroidery, tailoring and machine embroidery, so as to impart vocational livelihood.

A fully equipped Computer Aided Design and Graphic Centre serves as the core of SIDC training centre where designs are created regularly.




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