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RashmeHegde Gopi is a leading exponent of Indian classical dance traditions for over three decades and has successfully merged the streams of art, philanthropy, culture and education to give back to society in more ways than one.


RashmeHegde - The Dancer


Rashme Hegde Gopi is the quintessential dancer with the sensibilities of a true artist. Dance for her is the distillation of life, a vocabulary facilitating subliminal communication and a journey into the core of womanhood. In her, life and art meet and blend seamlessly. Her vast dance repertoire brings together technical finesse with awakened spirituality.

She imbibed the discipline of Bharatnatyam from renowned teachers such as Guru Muthaiah and Kittappa Pillai of the legendary Padanallur School and Kuchupudi under Smt Sunanda Devi. Her ceaseless quest for learning took her to eminent Mohiniattam teachers at the Kerala Kalamandalam. Under the guidance of her Guru, Dr Nataraja Ramakrishna, she is exploring and perfecting the Navajanardhana Parijatham, a dance repertoire in the Lasya tradition performed by the devaganikas of the Navajanardhana temple in Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh.

As a dancer and cultural ambassador from India, she has travelled to USA, Africa, Europe, the Middle-East and conducted workshops in the erstwhile USSR.

Rashme is a Karnataka State Rajyotsva awardee and has many other national and international accolades for her contribution to the performing arts. Her performances have been featured extensively in media publications around the world.

All though, a qualified horological engineer trained in Switzerland, Rashme considers dance as her spiritual calling. What brings her the most joy however is her personal investment in culture. Rudraksha and Shankaraa are now integral to the legacy she has been nourishing for many years.

Rashme - The Choreographer


In recent years, Rashme has expanded her oeuvre by composing several unique dance ballets. She has also distilled her understanding of the scriptures, mythology, various dance forms, dramaturgy, classical music, folk legends into her craft and created and choreographed evocative classical dance ballets such as Ritu Chakra and Amruthamanthana.
For the inauguration ceremony of the National Games (1994), Rashme choreographed a program involving 500 artistes to create Nupura Kaveri, a complex yet stirring piece-de-resistance.


Omkarini was another of Rashme’s dance forays into the heart of primordial energy while Sahasrara explored the latent and manifest facets of Tantra. Her choreography One World Family, was an intricate ensemble performance during the silver jubilee celebrations of The Art of Living Foundation. Her latest work Vikaasa (Evolution) is another multi-layered offering.

Rashme’s work is mystical and deeply spiritual and yet her technical vocabulary is lucid and hence easily intelligible to all. Her choreography knows no boundaries and she has worked with a cross-section of performers ranging from street children to seasoned artistes. For Rashme and the performing art unit of Shankaraa, the world has been their stage.


Cultural Ambassador

Rashme's love for the arts cannot be restricted to just performing and choreography and it extends to folk dance forms, heritage, traditional crafts and design, sculpture and ethnic cuisine. For her, Indian culture is a multifaceted, educative and enriching experience. Rashme's love for the arts cannot be restricted to just performing and choreography and it extends to folk dance forms, heritage, traditional crafts and design, sculpture and ethnic cuisine.

For her, Indian culture is a multifaceted, educative and enriching experience. To share it with the uninitiated, Rashme created Rudraksha, an expansive and aesthetically landscaped cultural retreat and open amphi-theatre. Rudraksha's aesthetic environs have welcomed over the past 18 years, numerous corporate delegates and heritage aficionados from all over the world and warmly treated them to a feast of unique concerts, dance drama performances and mouthwatering coastal cuisine.


Social Entreprenuer

Shankaraa Foundation - A Legacy for the Future

In a social reality undergoing mercurial change, Rashme yearned to create a sacrosanct space where culture in all its manifestations as also classical and folk forms in all their purity could co-exist and thrive. In the memory of her late father, philanthropist and industrialist Sri Shankar Hegde, Rashme embarked on the long but rewarding journey of creating a cultural nerve-centre for the future.

She conceived and formed the Shankaraa Foundation. As its founder and Managing Trustee, Rashme transformed three acres of prime land into Shankaraa, a unique centre for the Arts, with numerous facilities including open and enclosed fully functional amphitheatres to host dance and music concerts, aesthetically landscaped spaces showcasing traditional murals and contemporary sculptures, as also craft kiosks, an art gallery, a dance museum and more.

¬†Each of these activities are designed in keeping with Shankaraa's credo of, “Art with Soul.” “Creativity with Conscience,” is what defines Shankaraa as a true labour of love.


Excerpts from Press Reviews

The concert given by Rashme Gopi in the cultural house of arts Moscow attracted a lot of spectators and the hall was overflowing. Her graceful movements, diversity of poses and gestures, beauty of facial expression charmed the audience.
                                                                                                                                                                                                - Moscow Comosol

Rashme has enchanted her audience. She displays mastery over symbols, images of the soul. She presents a mysterious aspect of Indian Cultural traditions and her skill is such that it gives to the least prepared the riches of the sublime world.
                                                                                                                                                                               - Le Democrate, Swirzerland

The delectable Rashme enchanted the audience at the Indian Cultural Centre, West Kensington, with her sensuous and spiritual display of bharatnatyam.
                                                                                                                                                                                               - London Observer

Her sense of beauty and gracefulness born out of innate talent is rarely witnessed . Rashme puts them to good use to make her dancing pleasing.
                                                                                                                                                                                                   - Deccan Herald

Rashme invests her recitals with a quick silver quality that gains for her the adulation of the audience in no uncertain terms.
                                                                                                                                                                                                    - Indian Express

The irresistible charmer from Bangalore gave the Kuchupudi style a new subtlety both in movement and expression that cast a spell in the Delhi audiences. Rashme, a versatile danseuse adept in Mohiniattam also has delightful delicacy in her movements which blossom as spontaneously in her dance as flowers and leaves do on a creeper. Yet the precision and forms of each and every movement and posture is perfect, her abhinaya is vivacious and enchanting.
                                                                                                                                                                                                     - Evening News